Fixed fee.
Better service.

The way property management should be.

Perth property management, reimagined

Akora is a full-service Perth property management agency, leveraging technology to deliver an experience that's simple, automated and transparent.

Our purpose-built platform enables real-time visibility over your property and full transparency to resolve any concerns.

Plus, Akora automates administration tasks such as rent payments, maintenance scheduling and more to significantly lower operational costs, which we pass on to our customers.

About Akora

How we're different

Competitive fixed fees

We offer a flat $150 per month management fee for every property (yes, even yours!)

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Guaranteed rental income

We guarantee up to 4 weeks of rent if your tenant is even one week late on payments.

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Complete transparency

Know what's happening with your property instantly with Akora's purpose-built platform.

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Peace of mind

Regular inspections and complimentary landlord insurance mean your asset is protected.

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A new level of management

Less admin results in better service. Our automated platform streamlines tasks so we can focus on your property.

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High quality tenants

We work hard to find the best tenants, and our automated system makes renting easier!

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No lock-in contracts

You're free to stay as long as you like; our service speaks for itself.

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Automated payments

Payments are fully integrated though AkoraPay, resulting in less mistakes and more consistent income.

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Save more with Akora

No matter what you charge your tenants – our fees will always be $150/month. No sneaky hidden costs, no decrease in care or benefits, every client gets the same Akora service at the same cost per month... it’s that simple.

Total Annual Savings

You would be


better off each year

This is how we calculate your annual savings with Akora.
Enter your own numbers to work out what property management is actually costing you.

 Agent FeeQtyAnnual Agent FeeAnnual Akora FeeSavings
Leasing costs
Letting fee
Advertising and marketing
Tenant NTD check
Title search fee
Property condition reports
Final bond inspections
Ongoing costs
Management fee$18312$2,192$1,800+$392
Re-leasing fees
Landlord insurance
Admin fee
Routine inspections
Annual reports
Insurance claims
You will save $2,387 per year

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