Frequently asked questions

How can we help you?

How is it possible to offer a fixed management fee of just $150/month?


We are glad you asked! We developed and built our own customised technology that helps us operate more efficiently – in a way that other agencies simply can’t match with the technology they are using. 

By automating internal processes, we save money and time, but can still offer a far greater service because our property managers have the time to focus on delivering the best experience to our owners and tenants. And we can pass those savings on to you!

What makes our technology different?

  • All rent, bonds, bills and invoices are processed via our custom payment processing facility, no more manual payments
  • We’re the first real estate agency in the country to fully automate trust accounting – we simply don’t touch it
  • Fully centralised communication and automated notifications engine
  • Real transparency – you see what we see via the Akora owners portal saving you having to pick up the phone each time
  • Completely paperless operations. All forms, agreements, applications and listings are completed and signed through our platform

That’s what we mean by ‘cutting-edge’!

Do you negotiate the terms of your Management Authority?


Our terms have been written by owners for owners, so they are some of the fairest around and help us to offer one of the best experiences in the industry. This means that, while you can choose to negotiate – there’s not much you’ll want to negotiate here!

Completion of the MA is done through our platform via our seamless onboarding experience where you fill, verify and sign through our purpose-built platform Akora. You can see a video showing you through how easy the process is.

No terms outside of the ones completed during the MA generation process are able to be changed.

Do you have lock-in contracts?


Nope, never. Akora has no lock-in contracts. If you ever want to leave, you simply give us 28 days notice and we’ll make the process as smooth as possible for you. We shouldn’t have to lock you in to keep your business – you should stick around because you want to!

What does your insurance include?


We’ve negotiated a custom insurance deal on your behalf with SGUA which you have access to if you decide to opt-in – at no extra cost. You can see the owner fact sheet here and the PDS here.

Please do contact a qualified insurance provider before making a decision on any insurance matters – Akora cannot give insurance policy advice… we are property managers.

Do you have some examples of your inspection or property condition reports?


We certainly do. You can find an example of reports below which have been completed by us at some of our current properties.

Can I swap while my tenants are still under an active lease?


You sure can. The lease agreement is between yourself and your tenants and does not tie you to any specific agency. As part of the handover process between us and your existing management agency, we’ll be personally onboarding our new tenants into Akora so they won’t mind a bit.